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Leo Taylor-Jannati Interview About ‘Living in the Hyphen’ Podcast Coming Spring 2023

Why Living in the Hyphen?

I love the title ‘Living in the Hyphen’ as it can mean many, many different things. It’s quite a subjective title. It means, for me, living in the in-between and being caught in between two worlds. I myself have felt halfway between a lot of things. An example is the way that I look; I’m not all the way white and I’m not all the way ethnic. My name as well is a double-barrelled, hyphenated name; ‘Taylor-Jannati’. That’s another reason why I’m ‘living in the hyphen’. That’s what it means to me but it could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Why a Podcast?

So the reason I chose a podcast is because I think that it’s a great way of building a community. I think there’s a lot of people out there in the UK and all around the world that are feeling like an outsider. We’re in a world where everyone is expecting us to fit neatly into a little box. I think there’s a lot of people that feel out of place. This podcast could be a place and a home for those kinds of people. I’m talking about the outsiders, the ‘freaks’ of the world; people that are living in the hyphen and caught in the in-between. It’s a world for everybody, a world where everybody’s welcome and it’s a community. I think that a podcast is a great way of meeting, finding and connecting people in a really intimate way.

What’s the Format?

The format of the podcast is going to be around 1hr/ 1hr 30 mins per episode. The main part of the podcast will be a guest and each guest will be centered around a theme. We’re going to have a different theme for every single episode but the overarching theme is, of course, ‘living in the hyphen’. Everything and everyone has to be connected to that in some way but regardless it still gives us so much scope. We can talk about religion, race, gender, politics. We can talk about even little small things in the workplace that make us feel like we’re an outsider and not quite there.

What’s the Goal?

I think that we can become one of the top five podcasts in the UK. Well… that would be the dream. Of course, we all start with zero listeners and viewers, but the only way is up and I think that with a good attitude and some great guests, we can do some really great stuff with this podcast. I’m also trying to build a really strong brand around ‘living in the hyphen’. My aim is to do some other spinoff things as well, such as ‘dating in the hyphen’, ‘business in the hyphen’ and ‘creating in the hyphen’. So, that’s my overall view of it. But of course the audience must come first and the audience must like it. I hope that they will find it insightful. I hope it will solve problems for them and I hope it will help them find purpose and a place in the world.

The Living in the Hyphen Podcast will be available on all podcast services from Spring 2023.

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